The Lion Locomotive

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Cylinder Lubrication   Lionsmeet 2012

Cylinder Lubrication
used by Harrye for the Lion


Lion's new lubricator

Lion locomotive modification to cylinder lubrication March 2012

After discussions with my fellow members of the Old Locomotive Committee and with thanks to Alan Bibby for his input, I have now decided to make up and fit the lubricator for the Lion under the foot plate this will be gear driven from the trailing axle. As there is not a great deal of room here the gear is only 0.700 diameter with 16 teeth driving a second gear of the same size a small hole drilled in the pinion gear set 0.125 off centre for the eccentric arm to drive the lubricator a Jim Ewin's type mechanical lubricator will be used as I have received very good press regarding this type of lubricator, this seasons running should solve this problem of the hydrostatic system on the side of lion being completely out of place and very unsightly.

Previous external Hydrostatic system

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Article and drawings of the axle modification, by Harrye Frowen owner of the only true Lion model built from drawings and sketches by John Hawley and Charles Taylor-Nobbs.

Photos by Dave McCarthy.