The Lion Locomotive

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Lion History

Todd, Kitson & Laird

In 1837 the firm of Todd, Kitson & Laird was formed when Charles Todd, who had trained at the Round Foundry, along with James Kitson and David Laird, established the Railway Foundry in a former mill in Hunslet, Leeds.

In 1837 the Liverpool and Manchester Railway ordered two locomotives to haul luggage trains, which were later called 'Lion' and 'Tiger'. They were the first locomotives built by Todd, Kitson and Laird, who used a conventional 0-4-2 wheel arrangement with inside cylinders

In 1839 Kitson and Laird left to form the Airedale Foundry.

Meanwhile, Todd and John Shepherd formed a company, Shepherd & Todd, at the Railway Foundry. Edward B. Wilson took over the firm in 1844 and from 1846 it was known as E.B. Wilson & Co. David Joy, who had been an apprentice at the Round Foundry, designed the locos, including the Jenny Lind class. In the 1840s and 1850s it was the largest engine builder in Britain, employing around 500 people.

The Foundry was wound up in 1858 after having made around 800 locomotives.

Lion chronology

1838 Constructed by Todd, Kitson &Laird
1838 - 1859 Liverpool & Manchester Railway
1859 - 1871 Mersey Docks & Harbour Board
1871 - 1927 Mersey Docks & Harbour Board, Pumping Engine, Graving Dock, Princes Dock, Liverpool.
1927- Mid 1930's Liverpool Engineering Society saved it, subsequent restoration at Crewe
non original distinctive brass cap to firebox added
Pre war - 1941 Displayed on a plinth at Lime Street Station, Liverpool
1953 Stared in the film Titfield Thunderbolt
1980 Further restoration, took part in the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway at Rainhill under her own steam.
1988 Birmingham Railway Museum, Tyseley. Last Steaming of Lion
1999 - 2007 Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester)
2007 - 2011 Moved to Liverpool to be prepared for exhibiting in the new Museum of Liverpool in 2011
2011 Exhibited at the Museum of Liverpool

Lion History