The Lion Locomotive

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Ray Morris's Card Lion Kit

© Ray Morris
Download by clicking on the Links below

Locomotive PDF

Tender PDF

 © Ray Morris

Instructions for the Lion:
To Build the model of the Lion first cut out fold and glue the chassis. Then make the firebox, boiler andsmokebox. Glue these three together then glue into chassis. make the axle supports and glue these underthe boiler and footplate. Then cut out the wheels and glue the spoke discs into the rims. Roll and glue theaxles and glue between the wheels. Fit the wheels into the axle supports. add the splashers, footplate sides and details such as the steam valves etc. Then build the tender


Ray has produced three CD ROMs of locomotive designs. The designs are presented on the CD's as a web page with modeling hints and instructions for each loco. The original files are also given in .bmp format for opening in a paint type program where they can be customized if required.            email -      Web Site HERE